Vocab #1

Afraid /əfreɪd/ -adj

When someone is afraid they feel fear

  • The woman was afraid of what she saw
  • i am afraid i will be late
  • She is afraid of dogs
  • I've always been afraid of spiders.
  • Don't be afraid to say what you think.
  • She was afraid that he might be upset if she told him.

Agree /əgri/ -verb

To agree is to say “yes” or to think the same way

  • A: The food is very good in that restaurant. B: I agree with you.
  • I agree with you on this issue.
  • I agree that he should be invited.
  • The bank has agreed to lend me Rp.5M.
  • Eddie and I never seem to agree.

Angry /æŋ.gri/ -adj

When someone is angry, they may want to speak loudly or fight.

  • She didn’t do her homework, so her father is angry.
  • I got really angry with her.
  • I don't understand what he's angry about
  • They feel angry that their complaints were ignored.

Arrive /ə'raɪv/ -verb

To arrive is to get to or reach some place.

  • The bus always arrives at the corner of my street at 4:00.
  • The train arrived late.
  • The crowd became silent when the officers arrived.
  • The moment has arrived.
  • I arrived at 2:30

Attack /ə'tæk/ -verb

To attack is to try to fight or to hurt.

  • The man with the sword attacked the other man first.
  • Most wild animals won't attack unless they are provoked
  • The enemy attacked during the night.
  • For whatever reason, people like to attack me.
  • The fact is, when wolves attack a herd, they always take the weakest animal.

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